November 24th, 2004

Transmission software round-up

Posted by Ben in Macintosh, Software, Windows

Taking great pictures is all very well, but if you can’t file them it’s meaningless. In some ways the technology of image transmission has advanced greatly, because of advancements in communications. But in other ways organisations have not always kept up in terms of the software they use for receiving pictures.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has become the mainstay for most image transmission these days, and so a round-up of all the different software out there seems to be in order. Even though they all use the same ftp protocol, there are big differences in the effectiveness of different applications, as well as differences in their user-interfaces… which some may see as only eye-candy, but when you are trying to file in a hurry in a difficult situation, it all makes a difference. There is a secure, encrypted version of the FTP protocol, called sftp, but I am unaware of any organisations using it, so I shall not go into that here.

FTP Clients

Fetch (Mac)
Transmit (Mac)
Interarchy (Mac)
Yummy FTP (Mac) [Newish client, looks promising]
Cyberduck (Mac) [Open-source]
Bulletproof FTP (Mac/Win)
CuteFTP (Win/Mac)
HeftyFTP (Mac)
Vicomsoft FTP client (Mac)
Captain FTP (Mac)
DropSite & DropSite Courier (Mac) [This clever application creates transportable ftp ‘droplets’]
FileZilla (Win) [My preferred windows client, open-source, full-featured and works extremely well]
WS_FTP (Win)
3D-FTP (Win)
SmartFTP (Win)
FolderFTP (Win)
FlashFXP (Win)
CoffeeCup Free FTP (Win)
FTP Now (Win)
FTP Commander (Win)
NcFTP (Mac/Win/Linux)
gFTP (Linux)

All-in one image browsers, editors & ftp clients

Photo Mechanic (Mac/Win)
FotoTrafiX (Mac/Win)
PhotoThumb (Win)
Pocket Phojo (PocketPC)

FTP Servers

Mac OSX & Mac OSX Server [These have built-in ftp servers that are easy to use but neither is particularly good or secure – though server version is better]
Windows XP [Can be configured to allow FTP access, but also not very good]
ProFTPD (Mac/Linux & virtually every other operating system)
FTP-Config (Mac)
CrushFTP (Mac/Mac OS9/Win/Linux)
PureFTPd Manager (Mac)
Rumpus FTP (Mac/Mac OS9)
File Zilla Server (Win)
WAR FTP Daemon (Win)
Bulletproof FTP Server (Win)
Cute FTP Server (Win)
Gene6 FTP Server (Win) [Excellent, has nice remote web-admin module]
Cerberus FTP Server (Win)
WS_FTP Server (Win)
Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server (Win)
Titan FTP Server (Win)
Crocodile Server (Win) [Apple Rendezvous enabled]
WU-FTPd (Linux)
TwoFTPd (Linux)

Legacy transmission applications (terminal-emulators, not ftp)

Zterm (Mac OSX, OS9, OS8)
Black Knight (Mac OS9)
Hyperterminal (Win)

This list is pretty comprehensive of what I feel is worth looking at, but not exhaustive and if you are after something not here, or with some esoteric functionality, there is probably something out there that suits your needs. Try searching at one of these links:

Search VersionTracker for FTP Clients and Servers for OSX
Search VersionTracker for FTP Clients and Servers for Windows
Search VersionTracker for FTP Clients and Servers for Palm


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