August 31st, 2008

Really RED DSLR?

Posted by Ben in Gear, Multimedia, Videojournalism

The RED rumors continue… this time it’s that RED is working on a sensor called Mysterium “Monstro” (Who makes these names up?) that will go into their planned EPIC camera, but more interestingly for photographers would find its way into “another camera aimed squarely at the DSLR market“.
Now that’s not to say it will actually resemble a DSLR – but it’s a clear sign that RED see the potential of the stills needs of photo-video-journalists.
The rumors and plans of RED always seem to be a long way ahead of their actual available products, but nevertheless this is additional evidence of the coming fusion of video and stills cameras.
Just in case the recent announcement of Nikon’s D90 DSLR with high-definition 720p movie mode wasn’t enough for you.

Update: Wired has now taken up this story and written a wish list of features.

[Via Engadget]


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