March 28th, 2010

Canon E1 plugin workflow II

(This is the second in a series of articles, the others may also be of interest: Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

I’ve updated that rather lengthy earlier article with new information about the (slightly more flexible) required directory structure, particularly the realization that you can have multiple subfolders of any name. It was good to understand how the plugin works, but having re-read it I’ve decided I’m not actually going to change my existing stills workflow to the one described in the article – as I like mine the way it is. Instead, I suggest this as a much simpler solution:

1. Use whatever file structure you want for ingesting to the hard disk, just make sure you copy all the stills and video files and associated sidecar files, making sure the .MOV extensions remain in uppercase.
2. Keep permanently a folder called “DCIM” on the hard drive, with a sub-folder “To Import”
3. When you want to import video files, just copy (duplicate, not move) them from wherever they are and dump them all into the “To Import” folder.
4. Point FCP Log & Transfer to the “DCIM” folder as described in the previous article and import the files you want.
5. When you’re finished, just delete all the files in the “To Import” folder.

This way I don’t have to change my existing workflow at all, but can still use the Canon E1 plugin to Log & Transfer whatever I want, from wherever I want.


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